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Warner Tech-care is constantly adding new products to our product line. These products are primarily customer driven. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us and we will do our best to source it for you!


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Tech-care Branded Products

Choose from a variety of our Tech-care branded products that are high quality, and inexpensive alternatives to other brand name products. 

Diagnostic Equipment and Supplies

Diagnostic equipment and supplies are a pivotal product category for our Audiologists and Hearing Healthcare Professionals. Here you will find all the supplies necessary to test and diagnose your clients’ hearing loss. 

Ear Hygiene and Hearing Aid Care

Promoting good ear hygiene and providing effective products for hearing aid care is a great way to reduce the number of unnecessary patient appointments. We offer our Tech-care line of products to help with these concerns. 

Infection Control

Infection control plays a key part in office cleanliness and reducing the spread of harmful germs and diseases. We carry many disinfectant products to aid in prevention and management. 

Hearing Aid Supplies

The Hearing Aid Supply category encompasses a plethora of different products that are used for fitting hearing aids as well as accessories for BTEs and earmolds. 

Impression Material and Supplies

Impression material and supplies have been a staple in our product line since our conception. Here you will find all the tools and supplies to take accurate impressions of your patient’s ear! 

Pro Audio

Pro Audio is a niche product category which we are continually expanding to meet the growing demand in the marketplace. Within this category we focus on quality products that appeal to musicians and IEM companies alike. 

Cerumen Management

Cerumen removal is a common need for many people with or without hearing loss. With the help of these products, you can safely and effectively remove earwax and even help prevent it from becoming an issue in the future.

3D Printers and Resins

3D Printing is revolutionizing the way we create shells, molds and in-ear devices. As a preferred, certified reseller of Asiga printers, Warner offers complete solutions and support for 3D printing in your audiology or dental facility. 

For more information, contact our 3D Specialist directly at nickd@warnertechcare.com or 651-280-4880.

ALDs and PSAPs

ALDs and PSAPs can often be overlooked but are an important category to consider adding to your product mix. Businesses are looking for more ways to increase revenue and provide their clients with a more comprehensive hearing solution. 

Production Equipment, Tools and Materials

If you are interested in building, modifying or repairing earmolds or hearing aids, this category has all the tools, equipment and supplies you need. 

Hearing and Swim Protection

At Warner Tech-care we are huge advocates for hearing loss prevention and preservation. So it’s no surprise that hearing and swim protection is an essential product category in our lineup to help with these efforts. 

Office Supplies, Displays, and Educational Materials

Every office needs the common daily supplies as well as proper display items to enhance their office environment. Here you can also find great industry resources.

Warner Tech-care’s Private Label Offering

We offer a variety of consumer products that can be personalized to help create your own unique image and establish a unique marketing identity that promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty.

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